Hello, I’m Adele, and I’d like to give you a big warm welcome.

In real life you’ll usually find me watching from the outisde of a room, I’m usually warm and pleasant but a little bit quite. Until, I’ve got to know you a little better, and then you’d most likely struggle to get me to shut up. I can be a total chatter box and I love nothing more than a good natter or a deep and meaningful conversation.

In case you wanted to get to know a little more about me, the person behind the website, here are some things that might help introduce me a little better.

I’m a…

  • Coffee lover/addict (but only before lunch)
  • Northen Lass that married a Southener (I’m in the UK)
  • An avid reader of all things psychology & spirituality (astrology, healing, angels)
  • A dreamer & creator
  • A daily meditator and almost daily journal-er
  • Massively into the woo!
  • Hypermobile
  • Mother to a little person
  • Working hard on being more visible and showing my face online
  • INFP-T (true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, Mediators have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine).
  • A Creator & Dynamo (Talent Dynamics) – An intuitive and innovative thinker who is great at getting things started and who needs growth to stay motivated.
  • An Aries with Libra rising & moon in virgo – dominant caridinal fire signs burning bright internally, whilst externally I am an accomodating mediator who is pleasant and fair. I’m an analytical thinker when it comes to emotions and Pluto in my chart predicts a deep interest in the unconscious, psychoanalysis and investigating dreams. Opposition asspect occurs the most in my natal chart ( a whopping 8 times) which gives me the ability to see different points of view.


Pockets Full of Time was created in those little pockets of time between busy life with a toddler and running a business.

I was looking for a way to streamline all my planning and have quick access to materials for my daughter and this was the result!

I’m so very happy to have you here & I hope you will join this community of planners who love to plan their life their way!

My Story

I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer and I love creating.  Many moons ago I worked in Finance and I think it’s fair to say the fit really wasn’t right.


Whilst there I retrained and studied in Visual Communications, which allowed me to take modules in Photography, Graphic Design & Illustration. I developed skills that allowed me to express the things in my head visually and it sparked such a passion.


My main joy comes from taking a practical idea or concept and making it visual. It’s what I seem to have a knack for and it’s something that bring me so much fulfilment.



How I arrived here

Back in 2012, I finally had the courage to leave behind the world of Finance and start something new. I took 3 month out to travel around SE Asia and being there settled me into my own skin and allowed me to dream of the life I wanted to create.


It just so happened that right at the end of my trip I met my now husband.  Not too much after returning to the UK I moved from Edinburgh to London to start an entirely new life and I think it’s fair to say that I’ve never looked back.


A few years later we were married with a daughter life was great except for one not so small problem. My pregnancy had resulted in my hypermobility flaring up so badly that I was barely functioning. I was struggling and I finally experienced what it was like to not be productive, not be able to do all the doing. It was a massive lesson in learning how to just be, tune in and listen to what my body needed. It was HARD!


As I started to feel a little more human I realsied that the not-doing had turned into huge procrastination. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. I read bookd about motivation, procrastination, mindset, productivity, you name it I learnt about it. As I read I realised that I had to be so very mindful of the balance between the hyper-productive expectations that these books (and often society) have of us and the need to tune in and look after myself.


I wanted a way to plan but allow myself to ebb and flow around it.


I started to develop plans the helped me balance family life, the home, business and my physical and mental health as a complete unit rather than focusing only on one separate segment of my life at the time. They HAD to work alongside each other and one area could not “succeed” at the expense of the others.

I wanted to achieve without feeling like I’d sold my body/mind/family short in the process.


So my goal? To design and illustrate beautiful planner printables that can save both time and energy. Whilat also saving the environment, as all the pages can be printed using low-cost black ink and recycled paper.


No shipping, no repeat purchases. And you can recycle the pages once you no longer need them!


I absolutely love my printable planner pages. At last, I finally have the journal I’ve always wanted, with everything I need inside. My life as balanced as it can be as I mindfully and intentionally plan to take care of all the aspect of me.


And that’s how it all began. Now it’s growing and growing and I couldn’t be happier with the community it serves.

A massive welcome to everyone who finds themselves here. I hope you find something that can help save you a little time and mental space in your day to day life.

If there’s something you would like to see on this site that isn’t available yet please do drop me a line with your request. I’d love to add you missing planner page to my to-do list!

What to expect…

Planner Pages

A full suite of planner pages that allow you to build your planner exactly how you want it.

Kids Play Printables

Easy to print low cost play & learning printables for little ones

Kids Stories

Books & storytelling products to help little ones explore and understand, make believe and connect.

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Missing Something?

I want you to have a planner complete with all the things you need. So if there’s something you’re missing let me know and I’ll add it to my to-do list.