Hello, I am Adele, mother to a toddler as well as a self employed business owner. I spend my days balancing my daughters needs and trying as much as I can to help her thrive whilst running a business and supporting my own needs and passions in the pockets of time in-between.

I’m an avid reader/learner and since having my daughter I’ve been reading heaps about child development, parenting philosophies and techniques as well as research into motivation, drive, focus, well being, mindfulness, self care, general positive psychology/mindset and spirituality.

Listening to audio books and reading were a total lifesaver for me during early toddler-hood. Having some mental stimulation and some adult vocabulary were very very welcome! I loved to pop on an audio book or podcast (headphone in one ear so I could hear for my daughter waking from her nap) whilst I did the washing up or housework. It helped turn the mundane into something with purpose. It gave me a dialogue where there was nothing but a non-talking toddler to share my days with.

I hope to share with you so many of the things which helped changed my world and allowed me to more enjoy motherhood (I had a very rocky patch from 18mths-30mths) and to find the best balance I can between running a business and having a purpose of my own (that my daughter can watch and aspire to) whilst also having the time, energy and focus to be dedicated to her and my husband.

I was a once a super confident, very successful, independent, determined and motivated individual, I thrived in a corporate setting and the world was my oyster. I became self employed a few years before I fell pregnant and then motherhood kinda tipped all that I thought I was on it’s head. I’ve had to re-learn what feels good and right, what motivates me and how to prioritize life when there’s no appraisal to work towards and a little person with needs pulling me in a different direction. I’ve battled fatigue & live with hypermobility but I’m feeling more excited about the future than ever before.

The main purpose of this site is to help others streamline their own worlds, whatever they look like. If you’re a mother running a business I know exactly the complexities that come with that and I hope my blog posts will help you at least feel less alone. I will be offering both planning tools to help you achieve a better balance in your life and also learning/play printables for little ones. Whoever you are and whatever brings you here I offer you a very warm welcome.

Adele x

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