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I have found some really gorgeous planners online. I kinda wanted to buy them all. But I have restricted myself to just two.

I have an A5 size leather one that I carry around with me for everyday planning. Then I have a big A4 arch lever file on my desk for business planning.

My Planner – ALM Leathercraft (Etsy)

This grey one (above) is my planner and I love it! It gets updated regularly, old pages recycled when they’re no longer needed and new pages added each week. It stays functional and economical on space as I only have in it the things I need. It has all the bits I need to keep me super organised and bits I need on the hop to schedule clients and check my workload. Love it!

TOP TIP: If you like sketching and drawing add a few sheets of your favourite art papers in your journal so that you can sketch on the go.

They also had this slightly more expensive version with pockets

ALM Leathercraft – Etsy

They also have different colours and I loved this pink one too…

ALM Leathercraft – Etsy

I also loved this one from Earthworks Journals on Etsy.

A5 leather journal – Etsy

I love the style of it! But I love grey so much the earlier one won out for me, saying that this one would have matched my handbag beautifully 😊

They also had this gorgeous darker version too

Earthworks Journal – Etsy

One other thing that influenced my decision was that the earthworks journals have a six hole binder, and whilst I could have easily purchased a six-hole punch, I preferred the idea of a two hole punch.

I also had this lovely felt one in my favourites! It was available in a variety of colours, the navy blue one was lovely too.

Anna Rosenschoen Journals – Etsy

The following A5 ring binder journals were all in my wishlist on Amazon. I’ve included affiliate links for quick reference below. I’ve also included a link to a 6 hole punch which I had in my basket for a long time too.

Amazon Harphia A5 Planner
Amazon – RESO refillable notebook A5
Amazon – PU Leather A5 Refillable
Amazon – A5 Harphia Wool Felt Vintage
Amazon – BESTOO Notebook A5 Leather
Amazon – TWBBetter Travel A5 Planner
Amazon – Pink A5 PU Leather Planner
Amazon – Writing Journal Refillable A5
Amazon – Refillable Leather Journal A5 Hardcover
Amazon – Rapesco 1323 Adjustable 6-Hole Organiser/ Diary Punch

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